Who ?


We're a group of Animators who met in the London VFX industry.Some of us still work there, some of us have moved for work in other parts of the world.

We have started this blog as a way of archiving tips and tricks, animation ideas/lectures/inspiration from the 'net, and maybe some of our own "how to's", scripts/tools that we find useful in our day to day work.

We'd also like to provide a free service of written feedback to aspiring animators who are looking to improve their own skills in the fields of Creature or Character animation, and perhaps eventually join us in the industry.

We are:

Alfonso Sicilia:
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Brad Silby :
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Stuart Ellis :
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Nathan McConnel :
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Andrea Castagnoli :
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We aim to provide feedback to your personal animation as if it was a professional animation dailies session, and then post the results to this blog, also, to serve as online animation resourse archive, where everyone can read from. At the moment we will not be giving video feedback but this may be a possibility in the future.

If you are interested in receiving feedback all you have to do is follow the HOW TO?! link on the right.

Think of it as an on-line dailies session where you have the chance to have your work critiqued by professional animators.

We recognise that animation is a lifetime learning experience and we're as passionate about it as you, so don't be shy about coming forward with your work!.

How To!?

Welcome to AnimDailies!

For us to be able to review your work, please follow these instructions:

1. UPLOAD your animation to YouTube/vimeo.
NOTE: We cannot accept videos that are password protected. Submissions must be cleared to be posted online as all reviews will be posted on the blog.

2. SUBMIT you work by following the instructions below:

Click this SUBMISSION LINK which will bring you to the submission window.

- In 'Username' enter your real name (If you are not registered to the Forum).

- For 'Title of Topic' use the following format:

SurnameName ShotName date (dd/mm/yyyy)

e.g. SmithJohn ManJumps 01/01/2011

-To send us your video click the 'Insert Video' button (which looks like a film-strip), and paste the web address of your video (you can also embed directly your video link into the message body).

Include the following details in the message box below :

- Your Name.
- Your e-mail address.
- The web address of your video.
- Tell us a little about yourself including how long you have been animating for, what you think is and isn't working in your shot, or which particular part you are having trouble with.

NOTE: Make sure that 'Disable HTML in this post' and 'Disable BB Code' are UNCHECKED.


3. PREVIEW your post by clicking 'Preview' to check that what you are about to submit is displayed correctly, then if all is well click 'Submit'.


When your review is done it will be posted on the Blog and Forum for everyone to see!

If you want to recive an email notification when new reviews are ready, subscribe to the Forum.

If you need to contact us for another reason you can do it from the Forum QnA ?! section.

We do hope to reply to everyone who is looking for feedback, but we are providing this help in our free time so please be patient with your requests.

Thanks a lot!