Some News!

In reply to some of the questions/feedback we have received in the last few days :

- Yes! We are still alive, we do apologise if sometimes we seems to not post reviews, but we are in between deadlines and crunch times, and managing also our lives is not easy!! So, please bear with us if you don't see your work being posted soon, this means that we are working on it and it is on its way!

-We want to clarify that the reviews are done by all of us, it can happen that some of us are busy here and there so the rest of the crew is taking care of it, but generally all of us look at your work.
The name under each post is the person who published it to the blog, this doesn't mean it was only them who reviewed your work.

- Please!!! Be aware that if you submit a Demoreel it will take much longer to review than a single shot, since a Demoreel could also be a 2 minute collection of 10 or more animations. It is not an easy thing to review and takes us more time to do so. Having said that, you can submit your demoreel if you want, but we would really much prefer for you to post on a shot by shot basis to make things easier for us and faster for you. Or single out a specific shot from your reel that you would like reviewed.

- The problem with the Autoplay of vimeo Videos should be fixed now. Also, when you submit your work to us, in the vimeo embed link, you can turn this option OFF than copy and paste the link. This will help us a lot. Thanks!

- We do not have a twitter, but we do have a Facebook group! Feel free to join. We are more likely to post news and discuss about the blog/forum as it's much more easy for us to manage it.

- We now have a new animation section in our forum , it is called " Let's Animate! ".
Here you can post your animation materials if you are looking for feedback from any user. Keep in mind that if you want feedback from the Anim Dailies Team, you will still have to submit your work using the normal form. (link is up left on the forum or up right on the blog, the section " How to!? ").

-For any questions or information, please contact us on the forum or on the facebook group.

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