Rogers Nichola - Showreel

2011 Showreel from nichola rogers on Vimeo.

-Animation Showreel

Hi Nichola,
Thanks for posting your work

-I know that you've not been able to devote your full time to the animation, so taking this into account, i would say generally, before you get into the detail of this animation it would be a great idea shoot live action reference of yourself acting out each move. This will give you a precise idea of the physics and weight involved in achieving those poses. Then there's less danger of you ending up with something snappy and light.

- The eyes of the boy need to be animated, so they dont look so wild and staring. The extreme eye shapes for each surprising wide -eyed statement the boy makes, will sell much better if they relax somewhat in between. And use the blinks carefully. Again, look at your film reference.

-Take a look at using a better rig. There are a few good free biped rigs going around like the Morpheus rig, or you could use an automatic rigging software like Set Up machine2 to rig your character a bit better.

-when the character falls down at the start of your reel either have his head properly hit the ground where you see the impact and then him shaking to recover, or make sure it doesn't hit, but feel the weight of the impact in the arms and shoulders together with a head overlap. Make sure we register the weight and drama of that fall.

- For the character pulling the invisible object, i would make the object visible and also place a point of reference on the ground behind so we can see when he's being dragged along. At the moment its a little ambiguous as to which point hes being dragged or just stationary with the object.

-The running guy has a somewhat jerky feel to his run. Like he speeds up and slows down with every step. Try to look at making his run more uniform in its forward speed.

- For the walk we need to feel the hips pushed up by the leg thats supporting the weight so we get a rocking motion in the hips which is then counter weighted by the angle of the shoulders. Try to make it fluid, organic and without any snappy movements.

Really looking forward to seeing a later version of the story animation


-Anim Dailies