Daniel Moreno - Gaining Consciousness

- Daniel Moreno
- Gaining Consciousness

Hi Daniel

Thanks for posting this nice little idea. I think discovering that youre impaled on a metal rod might be quite disturbing and it would be nice to see this emotion in the character.
You could shoot reference for this by sitting on a high stool or even perching yourself up on a wall.

I like the movements, although i think if you shot yourself doing this and acted the emotion of decovering your limbs for the first time, you might move a little less theatrically in parts. His left hand (screen right) for example, seems a little unnatural in the way it almost brushes past the face. I think he'd maintain a distance between his face and the hand so he could focus on it.

Also starting with the feet, you might expect the character to notice immediately that hes suspended. I would imagine his sphere of awareness to begin with his hands closest to him and then extend to his legs and feet, before finally becomming aware of being impaled on a metal rod and being disturbed by it.

I like the right foot rotation, but look at the first few frames of that motion, its very fast rather than a good slow-in.

The landing is a big move and can be worked into. It lacks some weight and feels linear in its movement. This is the biggest action in the entire animation and needs careful attention. Film yourself pushing yourself off from a high wall or a stool and look at the motion and timing of your landing. Live action video reference is the key to realism in your animation, and will make this nice little idea come to life in a believable way.

-Anim Dailies