Sidhom Jonah - Did I Make The Team?

- Sidhom Jonah
- Did I Make The Team?

Hi Jonah

thanks for sending us your animation test, here are few notes that we hope you will find usefull :

-Generally it has a very pose to pose feeling, you might want to loosen it up a bit, start working from the spine main control, work into the phisicality of his body, you could start with the main mass, and weight shift, than move to the legs than up to the head and arms and all the details.
- Avoid twinning, with the hands coming up at the same time, when he is going to catch the ball, you can offset a bit the timing and the posing and still keep the same feeling.
- When he catches the ball, you could add a bit of reaction going through his hands arms and body, like a little overshoot and settle down.
- Also you could push this pose a bit more (around f 78), he is quite scared by the ball beingh trown at him, you could lift some more his shoulders after the catch, and maybe keep the pose few frames longer to make it read better.
- I find it difficult to read his emotions, where/what is he looking at the beginning, he seems lost, you should clarify this with his eyes.
- When he get hit by the ball, at the end, you could add a reaction to his body, from the hit, at the moment seems to stop there, he could loose his balance a little bit more, maybe stepping to the side.
- Generally he seems "stuck" to the ground with his feets, try and add some stepping moving around, one step when he gets the first ball, and another small one maybe when he gets hit to the head.
-Also, try and add a bit more weight to the second ball, reducing the space between the head beingh hit, and where the ball is falling at, after the hit.

Keep going and good luck!

-Anim Dailies.