Anuj Garg - Baton Bunny Blocking

- Anuj Garg
- Baton Bunny Blocking

Hi Anuj,

Thanks for posting your block. Im intrigued that you've decided to re-animate a classic bugs bunny scene.

I have to admit i wasn't thinking about the famous Bugs Bunny short when i first watched this and so was a little confused as to what was happening. I think its because the original has a build up to the story which makes it clear hes conducting an orchestra. Its easy to imagine that this guy might be performing a magic levitating trick of some kind.

-I would think about including the original shot just before your opening shot, where we see the orchestra ready. This sets the scene for your close up.

-I think the part where hes suspended in the air needs to include the tension that we see in the 2D version, his body vibrating with the noise.

-When you do the spline animation, I'd also look at making this version slightly more weighty so we see the physics at work. Not quite so 'held pose to held pose'. This will really sell the character in 3D space. Make it work better in physical animation terms than the Bugs Bunny original.

-The finger at the end looks to me like hes pointing at something rather than conducting those two notes. (I think the original does this too). Id have that finger swing from side to side without moving the hand much (like a conductors baton)

Thanks for revisiting this classic

-Anim Dailies