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- Rathod Kirti
- Dialog Shot

Hi Kirti

Thanks for posting your character test.

Its not bad, and i like the layout. There are a few things that could really make this work better.

- Now you've animated a version of this, Film yourself acting out this scene. Watch the film back and watch how your body moves. Look at all the little things going on in your eyes, brows, mouth and hand gestures. Look at the way your body moves with those gestures.

-The dialogue is an interesting one, because the character is criticising someone for doing something really annoying, but something which ultimately benefits that other person in a big way, and this really infuriates him. Its adding insult to injury. So we need to feel him starting out angry. Then in the long pause, the frustration that the other guy has benefited himself by doing something stupid is overwhelming and it erupts into rage.

-When the guy reaches over table on "something like this" his hand gesture feels a little confused to me. I'd try having his palm open face up and gesturing at the other guy like hes wearing something really silly stupid off camera. You could even have a little look up and down with that. So he looks disgusted. Then that disgust boils over into rage.

-The moves at the end need to be bigger. It feels like he makes minimal effort to knock that tray over. And whats on the tray? Its not clear to me. Perhaps the tray is just an object for him to knock? We need to really feel his anger. Perhaps have him raise out of the chair , smash the object aside and stand with his hands on the table?

- When he says "dumber" Id try to offset the actions slightly. It feels like everythings synchronised. Again look at some live action reference of yourself acting the scene.

I like where its going, but try to shoot that video reference. It will help you a lot.

-Anim Dailies