Omar Elhindi - Sophistication

-Omar Elhindi

Hi Omar,
is a nice test, i think you've got already a pretty good animation.

Few notes on something that you could work a little bit more :

-The lipsync, feels a little bit off sync (1 or two frames) i dont know if is because of the streaming video, or not, but its worth a try, offsetting it of 1 or 2 frames, and see if it is working better.
-After he says, " does", the overall mouth animation, is more rough than at the beginning, i feel that from this point on, you should focus and work a little bit more on that(mouth shapes and more inbetweens), it feels "less animated".
-After bringing the overall animation at the same level, you could go into it again ,adding another pass of polishing, starting from the head motion to the eyes and eyebrows, than the mouth, think about how the muscle of the face works, you may want to achieve an organic like, fleshy feeling to it.

I really like it, it shows potential!.
Good Luck.