Hena Prikhodko - Wolfman

- Hena Prikhodko
- Wolfman

Hi Henady, thanks for posting, here are some ideas that you might want to consider :

Glasses man:

- You could try and characterize a bit more this character, a suggestion could be starting the shot having him adjusting his glasses to see better whats going on, try to clarify "who" he is .
- You could keep this character more subtle and stady while getting closer and closer to camera, have less of a " HIT" when is "asking the question", you really need a small gesture here, even just a small tilt of the head to the side, i think would work better.
-Is a bit difficult to understand the state of mind of this character at the moment, is he worried? is he quesitoning himself? was he just passing by and is he surprised to find this guy there? whats going on in his head?
When you have defined that, you can move into the main facial expression that will tell what the Character is thinking.
- I would try and Keep his eyebrows less snappy, at the moment they seems to go up and down a bit too fast.
-You could have him keep moving forward in a less pose to pose way, working also on the phisicality a bit more, at the moment it seems to do two prefectly equal steps , than stop and reaching with the arm, all of this seems to have the same timing.
- To build up more tension you could try and have him go closer and closer almost to touch the other guy's back.

Wolf Man :

- When is quikly turning, seems to be doing an half cartoony take, also seems to go quite down left on the frame, almost off screen, while doing that, i think you could treat him as a more realistic looking Creature.
-I would try and have him turn first with his head, followed by the chest and the body, to finish into a scream, that is going trough his all body.
-I dont know how the facial rig is, but you should try and push his face into a more scary looking, screaming face.
- you can also try to play a bit more with the camera angle, tilting down a bit more the overshoulder camera. So to have the wolfman lower in frame, maybe a bit more crouch on his knees, rises up a bit or just heavily breathe, and turning up and screaming at him .

I think you are on the right path, you should keep going and push this little excercise a little bit more.
If you havnt done any references, you should act out all the 3 shots and record yourself, it is always a good idea to do that, it keeps your immagination going and also makes you understand what your body/face does in those situation.

Good Luck!

-Anim Dailies