How To!?

Welcome to AnimDailies!

For us to be able to review your work, please follow these instructions:

1. UPLOAD your animation to YouTube/vimeo.
NOTE: We cannot accept videos that are password protected. Submissions must be cleared to be posted online as all reviews will be posted on the blog.

2. SUBMIT you work by following the instructions below:

Click this SUBMISSION LINK which will bring you to the submission window.

- In 'Username' enter your real name (If you are not registered to the Forum).

- For 'Title of Topic' use the following format:

SurnameName ShotName date (dd/mm/yyyy)

e.g. SmithJohn ManJumps 01/01/2011

-To send us your video click the 'Insert Video' button (which looks like a film-strip), and paste the web address of your video (you can also embed directly your video link into the message body).

Include the following details in the message box below :

- Your Name.
- Your e-mail address.
- The web address of your video.
- Tell us a little about yourself including how long you have been animating for, what you think is and isn't working in your shot, or which particular part you are having trouble with.

NOTE: Make sure that 'Disable HTML in this post' and 'Disable BB Code' are UNCHECKED.


3. PREVIEW your post by clicking 'Preview' to check that what you are about to submit is displayed correctly, then if all is well click 'Submit'.


When your review is done it will be posted on the Blog and Forum for everyone to see!

If you want to recive an email notification when new reviews are ready, subscribe to the Forum.

If you need to contact us for another reason you can do it from the Forum QnA ?! section.

We do hope to reply to everyone who is looking for feedback, but we are providing this help in our free time so please be patient with your requests.

Thanks a lot!



  1. Hey thanks so much for creating this platform , its incredible ..

    Can one post ball animations ??
    or what kind of animation tests mostly preferred for your feedback

    Mahesh Pagar

  2. Hi Mahesh,

    Yes, we will review any kind of animations, from beginner to more advanced, we are aiming to also build an animation resources website, for any animator to have a look at, to find animation tips and tutorials,and especially sharing and learning from other peoples reviews. So, feel free to send us anything that you would like us to have a look at. Follow the how to, and we will get back to you, dont be shy!! :).


  3. Wow .. that's the most coolest thing .. I'll be sending my ball animation test..

    Hey guys .. soon AnimDailies will be flooded with entries I just want to take a moment to express my gratitude that thank you so much ; you guys are going to take time for all those entries ..without any fees .. Thanks so much .. I will try to spread the word about AnimDailies through web and facebook page or whatever I can .. :):)

  4. Thanks Mahesh, we will really appreciate it.
    Also i would like to "clarify" the situation,
    we will try our best to give feedback reviews to anyone that wants them.
    Of course, we will also try not to "repeat" ourselves on what will be reviewed, for example, if we think that two or more people are at about the same level, and the shots are pretty similar( eg bouncing balls / standard walk cycles etc.) we will point you towards those posts already reviewed.
    That is what we meant by building an "animation resource " website.
    Also, since we are doing this on our spare time, and we also are working in production, bear with us, and will take a little bit of time to reply to everyone.


  5. Yeah of course that's fair and smart so that you will be able to utilize your time into different types of animation tests ..and it will also build really nice & unique resource for everyone .cool.. :)

  6. That's the plan Mahesh!

    We have some reviews to do at the moment and will post those in the next week or two. As we've said before we are fitting them into our free time so please be patient with us.

    We look forward to receiving your work!

  7. Hey Guyz This all things are really sounds cool..!!
    I saw demoreel of some all of u. Those all are so nice. Very soon i will mail you my Work.

    Thanks for nice blog. :)

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  9. I was just wondering how we know if our submission was successful. I think mine went through, but not I'm entirely sure.

    Thanks for doing this too! It is such a wonderful idea, and it's so generous of you guys to lend your time to us!

  10. Hi Jennifer,
    right after you click "Send", you should see a message saying " you have successfully submitted" or something like that, is a very quick message, than the forum will redirected you to the main page.
    Since we are using free services, is a standard forum and not so advanced method of submission, unfortunately this is going to stay as it is, for the moment.
    It is very important that you "Preview" your message before submitting, so to check for mistakes, and if you are going to be redirected automatically after you clicked Send, this means that the message went trought fine.
    Also, please allow few days for us to review your works, due to the amount of submissions and our free time, we can't garantee a quick response to everyone.
    Also keep in mind that demoreels review take more time and effort in reviewing compared to single shots.


  11. One last thing, we now have also a Facebook Group,
    its open to everyone, you can subscribe to it here
    Its a good way to post news and talk about animation and inspiration material, so feel free to join.


  12. for some reason it says new users can't post links for 7 days :(

  13. Hi Pandalope, unfortunately it someting that i can't change, because of the way the forum is built.
    BUT, have you tried with the embed code? because we are receiving lots of submission correctly.
    If you still have problems:
    Post the link without using "http://" or "www." or "."
    Try something like this instead : "h++p://" or "vvv." or "dot"
    so the forum will not recognise it as an html link.
    Im sorry for the inconvenient, but its something we can't fix at the moment, we hope in the future to have a better submission method.