Soni Dhaval - Demoreel

- Soni Dhaval

- Demoreel

Hi Dhaval,

Thanks for posting your reel.

-I think you have some nice ideas here. I think the thing for you really is exactly as you say, that more time and attention needs to be spent on the animation. Its good that you recognise this. It means you can give your work that much needed attention before showing it

-It cant be said often enough that live action video reference is crucial to good animation. Filming yourself doing the action or something close to it will give the animation that edge of realismn and weight. You can really breakdown your moves, frame by frame and see whats happening with your body.

-Youre story telling skills are clear, and really like the emotions in the last shot. Everything is told with the eyes and the body language. I think you really just need to look at incorporating the correct physics into your shots. I also like the two guys at the bar, especially when one of them says "is that right". It feels like a very natural move that comes out of good observation.

-Having said all that, i love the weight of the first shot. But his spin through the air looks somewhat clicky and mechanical. I really want to feel the fluidity of that motion.

-The bird wing flaps are sticky and so are the fishing guys general movements. He feels light on his landing and somewhat unreal. I think this comment applies to the reel in general: Really look at getting fluidity and weight into your animation, make the actions feel organic. Its ok to go for a snappy style, as long as you sell the weight of the character.

Good luck

-Anim Dailies