- Guy Zinger
- Airguitar

Hi Guy, thanks for posting your animation test .

- The first suggestion we always give, is to shoot video references of yourself doing the same exact shot, than study whats appening in your body parts while you are doing that.

- Also, improving the initial pose of this shot, will help and improve the all idea , (air-guitar-world-championships) just by looking at some image from google, you can see how real guitarist/air guitarist would hold their guitars.

The first pose of this shot is also the MAIN pose, the one that tells the story, try to GET the nice "giutar player" feeling in it.

- Feets seems to be stuck on the ground, going from one pose to the other, you should take more in consideration the weight shifting and what happen to the upper body.
A suggestion is to try to get away from the pose to pose feeling for a more refined polishing.

- In general, it lacks of weight, try the same movements yourself expecially for the arms, it you pay attention carefully you will notice how the overlaps between body and arms works, and what your body mass is doing while moving your arms around .

- We always suggest to do some research before starting any kind of shots, i know sometimes is difficult and you want to " jump into it ", but try to force yourself on doing a nice planning and research before beginning of any shot, usually is always better to know what you want to achieve, before starting.

There are lots of video on youtube to have a look at :

Hope you will keep going with it, the shot is looking good, you need to refine a little bit more the posing, and working on the phisicality of your character.
Thank you for your submission .