Matt Mitchell - Break Dance Dobby

-Matt Mitchell
-Dobby Dance

Hi Matt, this is a very nice test!!

I think that generally phisics are not OFF as you say, but "stylized" instead, i think that the timing is very nice, the way he jumps off and land is very cool.

Few things that you could maybe work a little bit more are :

- Try and add a little bit more weight generally, i think that you can achieve that by "keeping" the same snappy feeling but, carefully working on the Spacing a little bit more.

- The stepping needs more work, in some parts feels like you have took the timing correct from some sort of video reference, and applied that to the character. You have to be carefull with that(if you did that ), since the proportions are different, the feelings are going to be different as well, in this case, you will need another pass of polish for the spacing, where you will have to make it phisically more correct for the character proportions (hes got really skinny legs and big feets, short upper body and belly!).

-When he first gets up, the first step with his left foot, is a bit too quick going forward, the same with the second kick, the space between some of the frames(there is no frame counter unfortunately) is a bit too far apart, it catches my attention.

-When he is DanceStepping around, you could had a little bit more of an impact of the feet with the ground, also some of the legs movements feels light because is moving quickly from one side to the other and sometimes the push feels not enough, try giving it more frames on the push off.

- I really like what is going on with the arms.

Generally, Weight is expressed by Timing, Spacing, and Posing, thats why is the trickiest bit to get correct .
I think HERE there is a nice explanation, which could be useful to anyone reading this post.

Keep going, is really nice , and thank for posting it!