AnimD News : 18 oct 2011

Hi Guys,

We wanted to keep you in the loop with the Anim Dailies reviews.

At the moment all of us are a little busy with schedules and overtime, and that's the main reason for not having posted new reviews online for a while, and we do apologies to all of you that have submitted your work to us and are still waiting for a review.

We will definitely be back on track soon with lots of new posts, but unfortunately we can't give you an exact date as yet. And to that end, can we ask that you hold on submitting new work until we have had a chance to catch up, we will post again when we are ready for more submissions, thank you.
So if you want to discuss your animations, with other members, or have any other questions, the forum will still be open for anyone to use, and also, you can follow us and stay in touch on the AnimDailies Facebook group .

In the meantime if you happen to be around London and you want some feedback on your work, we would suggest you to also check out Bring Your Own Animation - London. Its free for anyone that is interested, there are plenty of very good professional animators giving feedback to anybody who wants it. It happens once a month, subscribe to it on Facebook for details.

One last thing, can you guys please, PLEASE , keep the links to your vimeo/youtube reviewed animations, alive?! We are noticing that few of the finished animation reviews posted are disappearing right after we posted the review on the blog, if the animation is not visible for everyone to see there is no point for this blog to exist!! This is a learning place and archive for everyone to look at and eventually learn from one another!

Thanks guys.

-Anim Dailies.

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