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- Juan Carlos Flores

- Reel

Hi Carlos

Thanks for posting your reel.

Looking at the first and last shot as requested, it seems that the same issues occur in both and i feel it would be better to issue a general set of comments that cover both shots.

1) Feels very pose to pose throughout. Its blocky, and has a spliney CG feel to it. I would look at making the actions more organic and natural. Make them feel like they exist in the real world.

2) Act out the shot in front of a camera and see how your body moves frame by frame, using the same timings. This will add realism to your animation, which in turn sells the idea.

3) Theres no follow through on many of the moves. Imagine the body moving quickly from one point to another. The arms and head wouldn't stop at the same time as the body, they would continue for a few frames and then settle.

4) The arcs in your animation are in most cases quite angular (you dont want to feel a straight line between two points in your animation). Look at producing clean arcs that feel fluid and natural.

5) Look at the bounces and impacts in your animation. Sometimes they lack weight. Look at animating a bouncing ball with a rag attached to it and you will begin to understand the physics necessary for any sort of animation. The ball (or person) if bouncing up would slow down at the apex and then accelerate toward the bounce. The rag would follow on after the ball like a tail swinging down on impact.

These comments obviously are quite general, but i think addressing points like this in your animation would really improve it. Then we can address other elements.

Hope you found that helpful.

-Anim Dailies

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