What do you think of Anim Dailies so far?

Hey guys, we're interested to know what you think of the site. It would be great if you could answer some questions...

1. What do you think of our review process so far?

2. Is there anything you would like to see in our reviews that we're not doing yet?

3. Would you be interested in animation tutorials from us? And if so, is there a particular topic you would like to see (Principles, Acting, Cycles, Creatures)?

4. Is there any part of the site you don't like?

5. Do you have any other suggestions or thoughts?

Thanks guys, please reply in the comments or on the forum, and subscribe to the Facebook page!


-Anim Dailies


  1. 1. I like it.

    3. Any tutorials you could offer would be awesome! I think... acting would be fun? But also more basics. Body mechanics would be awesome, like a person keeping his balance.
    Not neccessarily bouncing balls :P

    4. For me, when using Chrome, it has a tendency to crash when I visit this site and that's abit annoying :)

    5. Keep it comin' :)

  2. 1. I think it's an amazing help for animators everywhere. It's been exactly what's written at the top of the site: "Constructive feedback on your animation from some friendly professional animators." I think this site is great because even if your shot isn't being reviewed, you can still read other people's critiques and learn a lot. The amount of points you guys hit on is great, too. I'm always surprised to see so much written about a shot that looks good to my untrained eyes, but each point is always valid.

    2. Not that I can think of.

    3. YES!! I'd be interested in any tutorials you guys have to offer. I'd probably be most interested in Principles and cycles, but anything would be great.

    4. Sometimes videos auto play when I come to the website, so I get a bunch of different sounds all clashing together. I don't know how to fix that, though. Is there something I can do or is that something the uploaders of the videos have to do?

    5. Keep up the amazing work, I appreciate everything you guys are doing! :)

  3. 1. Love the review process so far.

    2. Hard to ask for more from you guys right now, considering you are donating your free time to help others. Reviews have been great so far.

    3. Tutorials would be awesome. I would be particulary interested in tips on weight and making creatures and animals feel believable in their mechanics. You guys all have great creature work on your reels and it would be awesome to get some tips. I got some notes on my review (Beast Slayer) to add some weight to the creatures so any thoughts you guys have on that would be awesome.

    4. Site is good so far. Simple and easy to read.

    5. Thanks again for doing this. Very helpful.

  4. U r doing a very wonderful job by helping the animators who r still learning. yes we would like to have a tutorial frm u guys (especially in acting) Keep it up!!

  5. 1. It's great, very interesting insights, and oriented both to begginers and more advanced animators !

    2. Not that I can think of.

    3. Yes, I'd love to see a tutorial on creature animation since that's what I'm tackling right now... And there aren't that many out there.

    4. I'm not a big fan of the videos playing automatically. It's not all the time, but it happened once or twice. Maybe it was the setting on my computer... Other than that, everything's great !

    5. I was wondering if each review was done by all 5 of you or if each person took care of one review. If it's the latter, it would be interesting to knwo who did the review, just for info...