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-Nathan Thomas
-Reel Review

Review :

It's a nice demoreel! There is some solid work on there, and you show experience of different styles of animation.
Nothing stands out as being bad and so doesn't bring down the impact of other shots.

Some thoughts:

-The first shot of the woman is looking good, some nice facial shapes and strong posing. I think there is room for the realisation to show in her face after she says "...bald gangly!", try and show her expression change before she pulls back - maybe widen the eyes, raise the brows a bit, show that she is shocked at what she has said because she thinks of herself as a "nice person".

-What did you do in the car shootout game clips? Did you animate everything by hand, including the cars and all human characters? Or is it cleaned up mocap? Did you animate the cameras? I think it's a valid choice of work and is evidence that you can work in this style, but just make it clear what part you played in it's creation.

-If you were looking to edit the reel a bit you could do without the 'running and hitting the tree' shot, and the guy being chased by the big monster. The second one especially suffers from a lack of weight in the motion.

-Anim Dailies

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